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If you have a smelly house, condo, apartment or car we are happy to come to you and eliminate the odors at a molecular level using our proven ozone generator treatments.

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Rat Odor in a Tesla, Irvine, California

Rat smell in Tesla, Irvine Spectrum collision center

We were brought to this job by an auto body shop in the Spectrum area of Irvine and that was a good thing because the infiltration of the rat required that the console be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. We figured this out when we found a fur strip on each side of the console frame and pointed it out to their technicians. In a situation like this we remind the client that we can clean the “air only”. That means that the source of the odor must be removed in order for us to treat the smell. We came back two days later and they had removed the fur. We set up our machines, cleaned the air, everyone was happy. You would be surprised how big of a problem this is. Apparently some of the wiring in cars is now made from a soy-based…

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Smoke Smell Removal after Mattress Fire in Townhome, Cypress

Smoke Smell Removal Cypress, CA

This was a situation where roommate or guest was a cigarette smoker and they fell asleep on a memory foam mattress which lead to burning and fire in the mattress. The “cigarette smoldering in the mattress” smell permeated entire house. The source of the odor, the burned up mattress, had been removed by the time we arrived. Because this property was a townhouse and because townhouses (condos) often share walls with neighboring units between which air flows freely we used plastic sheeting and non-stick blue masking tape to keep the ozone from traveling to areas that we don’t want to impact, the like their neighbors. As with every job we use multiple air movers to distribute the ozone as evenly as possible throughout the property. This condo in Cypress, CA ended up being a one-day job even though it had two-levels with 3-bedrooms, and…

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Cigarette Smoke Removal – Irvine, CA

Cigarette Smoke Removal Irvine, CA

We were hired to remove the cigarette smoke smell from this single family home on Grant in the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine, CA by the realtor who was selling the property. While this house was empty at the time we can and do work in occupied houses. This was a 2200 – 2400 sq. ft. family residence. We treated the entire property except for 2 bedrooms on 2nd floor. It is not uncommon for clients to have us leave different rooms or areas out. Some people may request us to treat “only living room” at their home, assuming that the majority of the smell is there in their living room. This entire procedure was completed within 24-hour, from 3:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Illustration 01: Ozone machine set up and plugged in to timer in an upstairs bedroom, Y-shoots off to left, can be…

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