Cigarette smell odor removal Santa Ana, CA - Alton

We were contacted to deal with a really strong cigarette smell odor problem in the South Coast Metro neighborhood of Santa Ana, CA. This was an older complex off of Alton Ave. and we were called in the the listing agents, two realtors, to address this huge odor removal challenge.

What we encountered was a home in which 2 smokers had lived for 12 years. If you think about that it’s equivalent to 24 years of smoking smell infusion if you combine the two smokers!

Very importantly to the real estate agents that contacted us the removal of the smoke smell odor was a Contingency of the Sale. The sale would not go through until issue was remediated. The condo was 1,085 square feet in one story floor plan.

The unit was located in the Bradford Place Townhomes and was unoccupied, the owners had not moved in yet. The tile had all been replaced, the carpet was all brand new, the entire unit had had the walls, ceilings, floors washed down and wiped dry. The walls and ceilings had been primed twice and painted twice and there was still a very heavy smoke smell permeating the air. It STILL STUNK when we came in to assess the situation and give the realtors our proposal.

We noticed that in the kitchen the dishwasher was on a shared wall with the unit next door. Based on our experience we knew that where the dishwasher plugs into the wall can leak we made a note that this would need to be sealed to prevent ozone from leaking into the adjoining unit.

We got the job, set up all our equipment. The cigarette smoke smell was removed overnight on a weekend in order to meet the contractually stipulated move-in dates.

Our real estate agent clients were impressed because the new owners told the that they felt “there was never a problem to begin with!”, that’s how effective the treatment was.

If you have a home, condo, rental property or office building and it suffers from even the most extreme cigarette smell odor problems we’d love a chance to resolve it for you. Call Odor Removal Experts of Orange County at (714) 605-0846 or use our handy contact form to get in touch with us.

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