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Are you a real estate professional? Odor Removal Experts of OC is your "secret weapon" Call (714) 605-0846 for prompt service.

Are you a real estate professional? Odor Removal Experts of OC is your “secret weapon” Call (714) 605-0846 for prompt service.

Are you a professional in the real estate industry? Do you have a rental property under management or perhaps are selling a home? Maybe you manage a large commercial office complex with high turnover. In all of these cases Odor Removal Experts of Orange County can help.

We understand explicitly the needs of real estate professionals because we have decades of experience in the industry ourselves in real estate, brokerage, property management, the works.

Our goal is to get you the allergy, virus and odor free house or apartment you need to get on the market in the quickest turnaround time possible.

Your clients don’t want to buy a house with other people’s odors, dirt and germs in it. With our service you can turn over a sanitized property, every time. Offer it now and your customers will come to expect it.

We realize the need for a quick turn around and stellar results after a smoker has lived in a unit for years, irresponsible owners have allowed their pets free reign or intense cooking smells make renting a unit impossible until the odors are removed.

Our pain can become your gain: we learned about odor removal the hard way, in our own properties and listings, and now we bring this accumulated experience to you, the real estate professionals of Orange County.

When it comes to odor removal, while the smells may vary, our process is pretty similar from case to case:

    1. Find odor in the house, condo, apartment or office.
    1. Remove source/clean area: this can mean carpet removal/replacement, wood or drywall replacement and drywall repair and painting. We have a team of excellent service providers that make us a one stop shop. This step is essential to achieving success.
    1. Treat the air in the area with 2 – 3 ozone units for the amount of time calculated as necessary to address the cubic feet of air involved.
  1. Evaluate results, start showing the property!

What our Odor Removal Process entails

The majority of the time the odor removal process starts with a phone call. A number of our clients want us to come out and give an estimate, if they know the source of the odor that helps a lot. In every case there are a series of questions to be asked in order that we determine the scope of the job and provide an estimate.

The majority of odors we remove are organic in nature because ozone works at the molecular level to break down and thus eliminate the cause of the smell in your property’s air. We can and do treat more chemical-based problems by teaming with scientists who provide us with multi-factorial treatments. Often chemical-base odors will require use of 2 or 3 treatment types, often other chemicals, in order to eliminate those smells.

Odor Removal: a few guidelines

    1. 4,000 square feet of home requires 2 – 3 days to treat. Larger properties need to be assessed before an estimated time of completion can be determined.
    1. If you have a 2nd or 3rd floor, those will require sealing in order to focus the treatment in the desired area or most pronounced area.
    1. Most homes under 2,000 square feet can be done in one day.
    1. Seeing the layout of your property helps us to determine the number of ozone generators, distribution fans, timers and their placements.
    1. We always remove your furnace filter and then set a fan there to distribute it throughout the house using your existing ducting.
    1. Before beginning the treatment we always go around the house to check the sealing of doors, vents, dryer air duct, windows, anything that can affect the end results.
    1. Once the machines are placed, set the timers, turn the fans on, and turn on the ozone generators last.
    1. Once a house is sealed and locked/secured, we leave the property locking doors behind ourselves. We then tape off front door with caution tape, put up a “Do Not Enter” notice that also contains the date and time of reopening and contact phone number.
    1. Making sure there are no plants, animals or human beings exposed. If a person fell asleep or were completely inebriated in the property they would be in danger, not unlike carbon monoxide. Ozone has a serious sharp sweet sour odor in high concentrations. If you smell this you are in danger.
    1. WARNING: Owners, Do NOT re-enter the property until it is clear for entry by our representative, this is a real danger.
    1. When our representative returns he checks to make certain that the doors are not tampered with. He then unlocks the property, checks the concentration of the ozone before entering.
    1. Much like termite fumigation ozone treatment is entirely dependent upon the accurate computation of the proper amount of ozone in the property. Thus the timers that control the ozone generators are set for the proper length of time to insure a successful treatment. We won’t turn off the ozone generators early, as this lowers the effectiveness, but they DO need to be turned so that the concentration drops to a point that it becomes safe for our technician to enter and begin preparing the property to be turned over to the owners.
    1. Once the “safety window” has been reached we go in quickly to open windows or sliders to begin airing out the house. The weight of the ozone, which is heavier than air, causes it sink down in the rooms and rolls out the door while fresh air fills in above. We let it all disperse while sitting outside for a safe period of time.
    1. We then begin the reverse process of picking up all the equipment: ozone generators, fans, timers, etc. and undoing all of the sealing that was done to insure a successful job.
    1. One note is that in connected properties, like apartments, condo, attached units care must to taken to cover/seal all outlets in order to protect the neighbors from the seepage of concentrated ozone into connected properties.
  1. While this might seem like a straightforward process we are trained professionals who are only allowed to own this equipment because we adhere to the rules of the California Air Resources Board.

If you are a landlord, realtor, broker or property manager we would love to talk to you about your specific odor removal needs. We can be reached by phone at (714) 605-0846 or use our contact form.

Odors We Can Remove

Types of smells we can handle: cigars, pipes, cigarettes, all tobacco odors; marijuana smoke and the odors from growing marijuana; pet odors, dog and cat smells; cooking smells, curry, garlic or other pungent cooking odors; dead animals, mold, mildew, milk, urine, alcohol spills, body odor, decay smell from failed refrigerators or freezers. Ozone also kills fungus, viruses and bacteria. We also clean air in cars, boats, cabins, pool houses, etc.

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