Ozone Generators: scientific odor removal by experts

Ball and stick model of ozone

By Ben Mills – Own work, Public Domain

Our ozone machines, also known as ozone generator or ozone air purifiers, are commercial-grade (professional level) machines designed to remove organic odors from the air in large spaces like your home, condo or apartments.

We also offer commercial odor removal services for property managers, apartment managers or facilities managers who are responsible for large office buildings.

Ozone generators are a proven way to remove odors from your property.

Ozone Generation via Corona Discharge

The method used which has shown the highest satisfaction is ozone shock treatment. Ozone is found in nature, mostly in the stratosphere. It’s smell is most like the air that you breathe after a crack of lightning within close proximity, that very fresh air!

During treatment Ozone is produced in very high concentration levels within the treatment area under the direction of a trained technician. This method is only performed in unoccupied premises. After proper preparation, this influx of oxy-radical molecules (O3) breaks apart chemically, attacking the odor molecules causing them to become a new compound and the new compound has no odor. The area is then ventilated from an exterior source of new air and re-occupation may begin again. Depending on the indoor environmental conditions of the treatment area, an entire dwelling could be completed in less than a day or night.

No move-out necessary! Your furniture and furnishings can stay but, alas, you cannot.

Ozone is chemical free, non-combustible and converts back into oxygen (O2) in a short period of time. There are no perfuming air fresheners, just sanitary and fresh air!

There is no “bad odor” remaining!

This treatment is not for the do-it-yourself-er. This full service procedure creates a higher concentration of ozone which creates a highly successful odor removal treatment. It may be considered an irritant or health hazard if handled recklessly while people are within the area.

Safety first!

Ozone Generator Safety

Ozone generators produce a higher concentration of Ozone than should be used in occupied areas because of safety factors. Though Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizer found in nature which eliminates most odors, the effect of it’s long term exposure is not recommended by government agencies. Therefore, we do not provide treatment while people and/or their pets, etc. are present.

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