Cigarette Odor Removal Car - Orange, CA

Do you need to remove cigarette smell from your car? Odor Removal Experts of Orange County can help. We have extensive experience removing cigarette, pipe, cigar and all tobacco product smells from cars, trucks, vans and semi trucks.

While we did treat this Hyundai Tucson SUV at our office in Tustin, California, our ozone treatment is mobile. We come to your car in order to treat. All we need is access to electricity in order to treat. We can come to your home, condo, office as long as there is electricity. If you do not have access to electricity lets us know we may still be able to help.

Cigarette odor from car she had loaned to her brother in law. She had tried to mask it with air fresheners. This makes it a worse smell and more difficult remove as there were now two competing odors that needed removing.

Based on our experience, a 2-hour treatment is normal for most automobile, vans, trucks and SUVs. Larger semi trucks can take longer especially if it is a sleeper cab. There is just more cubic feet of air that needs to be treated. Your vehicle will be odor neutral after the treatment.

This car was a medium sized Hyundai Tucson Crossover SUV. The interior was covered in a combination of fabric material and leather. We placed our ozone generate on a towel to protect the interior surfaces from scuffing.

For all of our odor treatments the initial source of the odor needs to be completely dealt with in order for the smell to be removed. In the case of this crossover SUV, the ashtray was sanitized before the car was brought.

In order to address all the hidden areas in which an odor can hide we treated it for 1 hour with the heat “on” and 1 hour with the AC “on” in order to clean out those systems completely. It is our standard operating procedure to alternate the heating and AC during treatment so that odor-destroying ozone filtered through the entire system and attacks all the smells.

This customer was very happy, of course, to have their Hyundai Tucson SUV returned to a clean smelling and useful vehicle again. We were pleased to receive a call thanking us for the successful treatment! She is back on speaking terms with her brother in law again.

There are no “easy ways” or “home remedies” when it comes to removing cigarette smoke from a car. They just don’t work. Sprays and “eliminators”? are the same thing. Professional ozone generators are the only proven method.

If you need help removing the cigarette smell from your car call Odor Removal Experts of OC at (714) 605-0846 or use our handy contact form.

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