Cigarette Smoke Removal Irvine, CA

We were hired to remove the cigarette smoke smell from this single family home on Grant in the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine, CA by the realtor who was selling the property. While this house was empty at the time we can and do work in occupied houses.

This was a 2200 – 2400 sq. ft. family residence. We treated the entire property except for 2 bedrooms on 2nd floor. It is not uncommon for clients to have us leave different rooms or areas out. Some people may request us to treat “only living room” at their home, assuming that the majority of the smell is there in their living room.

This entire procedure was completed within 24-hour, from 3:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Illustration 01: Ozone machine set up and plugged in to timer in an upstairs bedroom, Y-shoots off to left, can be aimed into 3 spaces at a time, shooting into 2 areas at least. The wood is to protect flooring and stabilize the fan, if on stone put on tape down as well. Because ozone is heavier than air we start on the 2nd floor.

Illustration 02: Shows the tubing distributing the ozone over balcony and down to the lower floor.

Illustration 03: We are treating this house in Irvine for cigarette smoke. This is where the ozone, which is heavier than air, poured over balcony to lower level,

Illustration 04: balcony to entrance

Illustration 05: Shows the long hallway back towards the entrance in the home.

Illustration 06: Shows the large living room area and the fan there distributing the ozone generated by our equipment

Illustration 07: Shows the kitchen and dining room area with a distribution fan as well as a 2nd, larger ozone generator for removing odors from the downstairs area

Illustration 08: In the kitchen, we keep the ozone moving with fans. All the kitchen and  dining room drawers open to expose the air inside to the ozone in order to remove any smells.

Illustration 09: The fact that no one was living in the home at the time of the odor removal does make the job somewhat easier to accomplish

Illustration 10: The simple rule of thumb for food is that anything where the container has been opened needs to be bagged.

Illustration 11: No pets, no plants ever, no humans. Your oven, fridge, dishwasher do not need to be opened.

Illustration 12: For every single job we evaluate treatment area carefully before beginning the odor removal treatment. We’re alert for things that need to be protected and we use a checklist we’ve developed to ensure that every job is done following the same precautionary measures.

Illustration 13: The front entry door is sealed against intruders with notice not to enter for safety reasons. Caution tape is always used.

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