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This was a very nice, very large two-story family home in the Woodbury neighborhood of Irvine. It had been rented out for the past 2 – 3 years and unfortunately the tenant had a flood on the upper floor. As a result it was suffering from mold and mildew smell problems. The owner’s were moving back in, wanted home to be pristine because they were also having their parent’s move in as well so no odors allowed! The home measured approximately 3,600 square feet and included many nooks as the basic house consisted of 5 bedrooms, 6 ½ baths, and seven other rooms. Here was the mildew smell odor removal treatment in sequence: we did the top floor first, then we treated the bottom bottom floor and kitchen area twice over a 2-day period because the Owner felt that she still detected a faint odor. On the 3rd day we treated the family area. In cases like this, with a large, multi-floor home, we must separate the first floor from second floor in order to intensify treatment on each floor and thus maximize the odor removal. This is done by temporarily placing plastic sheeting as a separator between floors and low-tack tape that will never harm the finish on the walls. We have been treating all manners of organic smells for a long time. If you have a problem with mold and mildew smells after a plumbing problem or rain flooding even give us a call at (714) 605-0846 or use our contact form.

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