Cigarette smell odor removal Mesa Verda, Costa Mesa, CA

This job was at a very nice, pretty large house on Pitcairn Street in Costa Mesa in a development known as the Mesa Verde area of Costa Mesa.

The home 2400 sq feet home was permeated with cigarette smoke odors. Doing the entire home took 24 hours and was done overnight.

They were happy with the results and so they called me back to the garage. The garage also had a cigarette smoking odor.

My customers were the new owners, they had just bought the house and they noticed that the smoke smell started to come out after a hot day. This is not uncommon, that smells become more prominent or perhaps noticeable, in warmer weather.

Once the how was done they noticed that there was still a smell in garage and asked “Can you come back?”. The issue was that they had moved a lot of their belongings into the garage but didn’t want to move it into the smokey smelling house until that was cleaned. Once the house smelled good they realized that they needed to treat everything in the garage so as not to bring the smoke smells inside.

The bottom line was that they couldn’t move in until the smell issues were fixed so we did another overnight, 24-hour treatment on the garage and they were good to go.

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