Removed mold odor from a Venice Beach studio apartment

By February 23, 2023Odor Removal
Remove mold smell in Venice Beach, CA - Odor Removal Experts

If you’re familiar with Venice Beach, CA you know that many neighborhoods have an alley that runs behind the first row of houses. This home was right across the alley from the beach, basically one eighth of a block from the water. As a result, the are there is very, very humid and, with the addition of showers and cooking in a sealed up apartment, a mold problem is created.

The shower in the bathroom was the obvious place to start. I had the property owner treat the shower with a spray bottle containing a diluted bleach solution. I had him spray this in the shower with particular attention to the grout because that is porous and retains moisture.

Our treatment was to leave the treatment running overnight in order to kill all of the mold that creates the stuffy, moldy smell. The property owner and his tenants, a young couple, were happy with the treatment.

We counseled the owner on the need for improved ventilation and air movement and recommended a dehumidifier system that we’ve seen work in boats.

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