Removed cigarette smoke from a Peterbilt 389 sleeper cab in Corona, CA

Removed cigarette smoke smell from Peterbilt sleeper cab in Corona, CA

This job was to remove a smoke smell from a Peterbilt with a sleeper cab in Corona, CA

The gentleman had a white Peterbilt 389, that he had purchased used, knowing that the former owner was a smoker. They had actually worked at the same moving company so he knew the history of the vehicle and had it cleaned by a detailer but still smelled strongly of cigarettes.

I was actually concerned about getting the smell out as much as possible for him as it was going to become his home away from home and he was a non-smoker and can’t be expected to live in a smoke smell for 24-hours a day as you do when you’re driving a truck.

We end up being able to make his investment pay off for him. This is going to be his last truck and he will retire before its useful lifetime ends.

We made sure to move the odor removal gear towards the back of the sleeper portion of the truck’s cab in order to make sure that there were no pockets of odor hiding anywhere. Realistically we can get 85 – 90% of the cigarette smoke removed, it’s never 100%, so we try to set realistic expectations from the beginning and we do get the vast majority of the cigarette smell out of the truck.

If you’ve got a Peterbilt 389 with a sleeper cab, or any other truck with a smoke smell, give us a call, we’d be happy to give you a quote.