Cigarette Smoke Removal Huntington Beach, CA - Beach Blvd.

The home in question was a 1,350 square foot, single family, one-story, 2 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. We treated it in one day.

The realtor and their clients, in getting the home ready for sale, attempted to remove the cigarette smoke smell by other, obviously ineffective means: a plugin, heated-oil air freshener.

Potential buyers complained about the combined smell as soon as they walked in to view the home. This lead the realtor to call us.

The job was made harder due to carpet in the home. We recommended a follow up carpet cleaning but ideally the carpet is treated first.

The difference was day and night. The owner’s had smoked on the front porch for years and one could smell cigarette smoke outside but once you got inside it was free of cigarette smell.

We have helped many, many real estate professionals and their clients get the highest asking price and quickly close the sale using our commercial-grade ozone treatment equipment.

We can be reached at (714) 605-0846 and offer prompt, timely service for realtors and home owners.

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