Odor Removal on a 42 foot power boat in San Pedro Harbor: success and happy customer!

42' sport fisher odor removal San Pedro harbor, CA

We did an Odor Removal job recently on a 42 foot sport fishing power boat in the Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, California. He had tried everything to try to get the odor out but called us and we did a great job for him!

To be honest, this boat owner had done literally everything right in trying to eliminate his odor problem by himself. First of all he had had the boat cleaned and detailed, his bilge emptied and cleaned. They had tried multiple dehumidifier tools as well but when the boat had been closed up for a while there was still a smell, a residual odor issue

As you can see by the photos the boat is pristine. He had even replaced the carpeting fearing that the odor was trapped in there. It’s a family owned boat and one of the family members/owners detected a faint odor.

We brought out our commercial-grade equipment that requires special training and licensing and gave it our standard 24-hour treatment and were successful in removing the odor. Another very nice, very expensive boat returned to service without the smell!

We are your Boat Odor Removal Experts!

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*May involve travel expenses due to gas prices!