Dead Animal Smell Removal at the Hollypark United Methodist Church in Gardena, CA

Hollypark Methodist Church in Gardena

Smells are a year round issue. Most are most pungent and problematic in the warmer months of spring and summer. Others reveal themselves when the weather cools down and people restart their heating systems each winter.

We got an unusual call about a dead animal smell in the heating vent at the Hollypark United Methodist Church in Gardena, CA. On their own they thought that they had identified and removed the source: a racoon’s dead body was found and removed from the system. The problem was that the smell remained which is why they called us, the Odor Removal Experts of Orange County.

You can call it luck, we call it “due diligence”, but we found a second dead raccoon stuck even farther into their heating unit, itself. At this point they decided to upgraded their heating system as it as 35 – 40 year old.

But even after the upgrade to their heating system and ductwork the smell left by the two dead racoons remained in huge air space contained in the Nave (principle area of the church). In this case the treatment took 2 days due to voluminous area to be treated.

After our treatment the congregation was invited back and expressed their gratitude for our work. We were then recommended to other churches by their clergy.

We specialize in odor removal and are happy to serve commercial clients such as houses of worship, office buildings, warehouse-based business, doctors, dentists and other professionals.

If you have problem with smells affecting your business and our odor removal services sound like a good fit feel free to call us at (714) 605-0846 or use our handy contact form.

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The nice people of Hollypark Church in Gardena, CA had the misfortune of not one but two racoons had dying in their heating system.
Our ozone generator with diverter attachments set up with timers and dispersal fans to move the ozone into every corner, nook and cranny of the church
The large cathedral area of the church was permeated with dead animal smell from the two racoon’s bodies
Looking back at the entryway show just how large a space there was to be treated.
We always secure & clearly label the treated area for the duration of the odor removal process time.