Commercial odor removal service for Laguna Beach, CA

This job was for a commercial client, the Tides Motel in Laguna Beach, California. They had a guest who had been there for 6 years straight, the guest had essentially moved in to the hotel, residing there full-time. There was an accumulation of smoking, stale alcohol and cooking smells in the room which was meant to be a short term rental but became a long term rental. There was also the normal accumulation of dirt, loose change, empty wine and soda bottles, that were contributing to the odor issues.

The unit had a wood floor with rugs, bed linen was still on. Every job starts with the removal of the source of the odors otherwise we will never succeed. They cleaned up the trash, fast food containers and stripped bed and threw out an accumulated 40 dry cleaning hangers. They sent all of the drapery out to be dry cleaned. We stood mattresses up on end, to expose all four sides, to the odor removal treatment.

We gave the room our standard overnight/24-hour treatment for best results. The management was very happy with the results and we must assume that the tenant was as well.

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