We did cigarette smoke removal on this manufactured home in San Clemente

This was an interesting situation in which the homeowner was a smoker but her tenant was a non-smoker.

The homeowner was interested in keeping their tenant happy and so hired us to do cigarette smoke removal.

The owner is on disability and so is dependent upon her income from their tenant.

We travelled down to San Clemente in order to do this job. What we found was a 1,200 square foot manufactured home.

Based on the size and intensity of the cigarette smell we estimated that one, single-day treatment would do the job.

In the case of most rental properties the ideal is when the house has been emptied completely and all surfaces cleaned including carpet and drapes.

In the case of this home that was not possible so we open all of the doors and drawers in order to allow ozone to reach everywhere to eliminate smell.

We have successfully treated many manufactured or mobile homes for cigarette smoke as well as cat urine smell, dog urine.

We can successfully treat any organic odor. Call (714) 605-0846 to book your appointment.


We open all the cupboards in order to get the ozone treatment into the home as deeply as possible

Same for all drawers in the home, livingroom, bedrooms, everywhere.

Our commercial-grade ozone generator is being positioned

We bring in flex ducts to insure that all areas of the home are treated

After a full day of treatment the home is returned to a livable condition, landlord and tenants are happy.