Cigarette Smoke Removal – Irvine, CA

Cigarette Smoke Removal Irvine, CA

We were hired to remove the cigarette smoke smell from this single family home on Grant in the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine, CA by the realtor who was selling the property. While this house was empty at the time we can and do work in occupied houses. This was a 2200 – 2400 sq. ft. family residence. We treated the entire property except for 2 bedrooms on 2nd floor. It is not uncommon for clients to have us leave different rooms or areas out. Some people may request us to treat “only living room” at their home, assuming that the majority of the smell is there in their living room. This entire procedure was completed within 24-hour, from 3:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Illustration 01: Ozone machine set up and plugged in to timer in an upstairs bedroom, Y-shoots off to left, can be…

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Odor Removal Experts of OC at the Apartment Owners Association’s Member Trade Show!

ore at apartment owners association tradeshow

Odor Removal Experts of OC make it to the, “Apartment Owners Association’s Member Trade Show” (their largest trade show) to save their members’ effort and money, and improve the quality of life for many thousands of tenants who are having to “live through” obnoxious odors in their apartments (no matter what the cause).   “We were welcomed with open arms”, remarked Mike Lightman, an owner of the Odor Removal Experts of OC, an odor removal service company working primarily Orange County.   “When an aroma is foul it’s considered an odor and that’s what we work to remove from our customers’ environment. Our natural process works, whether in nature or manufactured in a smelly living room, apartment or auto, the results are the same! Odor removal, permanently.”   For more information contact Mr. Lightman at 714-605-0846 for an in depth discussion about your situation…

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