Bilge and Rat Smells on a 50 ft Catalina in Shoreline Marina, Long Beach

Bilge & rat smell removal from 50 ft Catalina sailboat - Shoreline Marina, Long Beach CA

This was an interesting job in a couple of ways. The boat’s owner found us via our brochure at the Shoreline Marina bulletin board in Long Beach. After taking a look at his odor problems we knew we could help him once the sources of the odors were properly dealt with.

The first order of business was to get the bilge cleaned out. This is a common source of boat odors and while we don’t clean bilges ourselves, we do have some excellent, reliable providers of this service that we can recommend.

During the course of inspecting the boat and determining the bilge smell issues, we discovered that there was a minor rat infestation as well. Boats are, unfortunately, usually pretty welcoming to rats.

Once we got the bilge smell and the rat smell cleaned up we did our standard overnight treatment. The customer was very satisfied.

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